Snowbanks, stories and random adventures on the road…

Posted on February 19th, 2010 by Antoinette Kraus

From marcher Athena Ford:

As many of you know, a few of us left Philadelphia yesterday to embark on a mission – to walk 136 miles in 8 days and arrive in  DC to tell Congress it’s time to Finish Reform.
A rally in Philly sent us off, over 150 people came and many marched with us the first couple of blocks.  A few folks even marched the entire way to Delaware County where we ended the day with a vigil in front of Taylor Hospital. 
The actual walking part has been more difficult than expected.  We hadn’t accounted for the simple obstacle of snow – four feet of snow iced over covered a good portion of the sidewalks we had been relying on for safe passage.  Weaving in and out of snow banks, crisscrossing streets -were able to pull it together to finish the miles of the day.  And, amazingly, we’ve been able to keep on pace for the most part in order to make it to our events.
Despite the obstacles and sore legs, spirits are high!  Today, a man threw up his window and cheered us on.  A Pastor, welcomed us into his church with a rally and a home cooked meal.  A clapping group of locals met us at Mr. Pasta for a meet up where they shared their stories and massaged our necks.    And a groups of teenagers eagerly awaiting the legal driving age gave us the most quizzical look and asked “why don’t you just drive?!” 
The press has been following us closely.  Word about the March is really getting around.  We’re all so very proud of the volunteers making this such a success.  One of our organizers, Dave, is so proud, in fact, that he took two of them to get pedicures tonight. 
I’m currently drafting this from the entry way of a church in Wilmington that has shown us incredible hospitality.  After finishing up this blog post and brainstorming for final activities, Antoinette and I are going to prepare for tomorrow. 
We’ve got another 17 miles of adventure ahead of us.

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  1. Susan Geoffrey says:

    While I will not be able to march along with the rally from Philadelphia, I plan to be a part of the march when it reaches Washington, DC. I live in Marietta, Georgia, and getting health care for everyone is a high priority for me. Though I have adequate health care myself, my son and his family did not. Premiums were too high for him as a self-employed worker. He has been a world traveler and while working in Japan had a kidney stone. The national Japanese health care system took care of him at little charge. Later he was working in the Chech Republic and had no problem getting needed care when a health problem arose, because that country has a national health care system. But in his country of birth, his major industrialized homeland, he cannot afford to pay the high premiums charged by insurance companies to those not eligible for group policies. Fortunately, since his father was Canadian, he has been able to move to Canada and receive good health care there. Friends: It is not true, the lies and scare tactics given to us about “poor” care in nationalized health care nations. My son is proof that nationalized health care works. I also have friends in the United Kingdom and France, and our comparisons of our respective healthcare systems are very revealing. We must do something now. Our country professes to be medically ahead of all other industrialized nations, but this does not take into account that a huge number of our citizens have no health care. SHAME ON US !!!

  2. Your grit and determination brought me to tears. I will join you for the last mile. My brother is coming as well.

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